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      cbd for ptsd and military

      CBD & PTSD in Veterans

      Members of the military have long been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition characterized by severe reactions after a traumatic event. The symptoms of this disease can include anything from flashbacks to chronic anxiety. We'll look at how CBD, a substance purported to ease the burdens of anxiety and stress, affects veterans according to VA.org, the official website of the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

      A Serious Matter  

      According to VA.org, one in five veterans who fought in the Middle East developed PTSD. In 2017, there were 17 deaths per day via suicide for veterans. Veterans who don't get help end up facing challenges that they are often unable to overcome. 

      The Nature of CBD 

      There have been a lot of claims about cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating substance derived from the hemp plant. These claims range from physical benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties, as well as mental benefits, such as a reduction of anxiety and mood enhancement. The VA has examined several studies regarding CBD to determine the truth of these claims.

      The Timing of Trauma 

      One study performed in 2011 showed that a dose of 600 mg reduced anxiety in subjects. There was evidence in this study that showed that CBD worked best where the subject had already experienced stress before taking the CBD. This is potentially great news for veterans with PTSD, who have clearly already sustained trauma prior to taking CBD as a remedy. 

      Unstable Moments 

      PTSD often manifests in extreme episodes that can quickly turn destructive for both the sufferer and the person around them. In 2015, an online publication called Neurotherapeutics posted a paper called "Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders". In this study, the authors concluded that CBD prevented an increase in anxiety caused by unpredictable stress. 

      Active Military Members 

      There is also some evidence to show that CBD could be even better for those who are still in combat. While there are no studies for active members, the VA acknowledges that CBD could either decrease the effects of PTSD or even prevent the development of this disorder. If CBD can help balance the mental state of a military member, it stands to reason they would enter stressful situations with less existing anxiety and depression. 

      Taking CBD 

      The VA recognizes that CBD could be life-changing for veterans, especially those who are going through serious hardships due to the brutality of war. However, the VA does not see CBD oil as a cure for anxiety. It is not meant to eliminate symptoms, only to help veterans manage them. Veterans are still expected to seek additional help, such as psychotherapy, to help work through any lingering fear or stress. 

      Taking Strides 

      The world has come a long way when it comes to understanding the reality of CBD & PTSD. Far from fearing the substance, many people are opening themselves up to its benefits, and it's becoming a popular purchase for veterans by the day. Further studies will tell us more about how CBD can be used, who should take it, and which doses are most effective. 

      If you're interested in learning more about the connection between CBD and anxiety relief, Fully Activated CBD is here to help. We also offer CBD Assistance programs for veterans. We want our products to be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer 40% off to all veterans and active-duty military members. If you have questions about our programs, reach out to us today!

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