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      News — cbd and burns

      CBD Guide

      Where to Start with CBD

      CBD is a powerful tool that millions of people swear by, but it can be an overwhelming world to enter. With all the potential health benefits, it seems odd that you can find it everywhere from gas stations to grocery stores. Is it all the same, and does it all provide the same benefits? What even ARE the benefits?

      We totally understand being overwhelmed, confused, and just seeking some help in the craziness that is the CBD world, so we're here to help provide some guidance. By the end of this article, you should be able to get started with CBD and start to experiencing it's potential positive effects on your life!

      Different Types of CBD

      You may have seen different titles for CBD while looking into it and wondered what they meant by "full-spectrum", "pure", and whatever other terms you may have come across. Let's start by looking at pure CBD extract.

      Pure CBD

      All CBD products are extracted from the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant. Pure CBD is extracted without THC, plant fats, or any of the terpenes (flavor compounds) that give the plant its various aromas and tastes. CBD isolate should be around 99% pure CBD and nothing else, which gives you a potent, concentrated dose and, in theory, a higher concentration of potential benefits.

      Full-Spectrum CBD

      When a product is called "full-spectrum", it means that everything was extracted from the plant. This includes CBD, CBN, terpenes, plant fats, chlorophyll, and everything else that makes up the chemical structure of the hemp plant. Many people believe that cannabinoids work best in their natural state and complement each other.

      Different methods of taking CBD

      Tinctures, vapes, topical creams - depending on why you're taking CBD, there's a different and potentially better method of taking it.  One note, your CBD product packaging should tell you how many milligrams is in it.  There are many products circulating that say "hemp oil" or "CBD" and do not contain how many milligrams are in them.  Always know how much you're taking.

      CBD Oil

      Originally the most common method of administering CBD extract, oils are still extremely popular. Some people simply administer the dose directly under the tongue and allow it to sit. 

      Topical CBD

      For burns, injuries, and other conditions of the skin, muscles, and joints that you want to treat with CBD, topical applications are a great choice. They consist of potent CBD extract in a soothing, natural balm that sticks where you put it to directly apply the effects of the CBD where you want them.

      Internal vs. Topical

      For the direct benefit to a very specific area, topicals are great, but if you want the full-body health effects of CBD, then taking it internally is the way to go.

      Fully Activated CBD Products (internal)

      At Fully Activated, we offer a broad range of potent, rigorously tested CBD products for you and your family.


      For strict dosage, easily ingested and easy-to-store, gel caps are a great way to take CBD internally without the messiness or taste of consuming the oil directly. 

      Vape Juice

      Okay so while this isn't ingested, it's still an internal application for CBD juice and one that many people find fun and appealing. Especially with full-spectrum vape juice, you can get the full flavor of the wonderful terpenes and all the benefits of CBD extract.

      Dog Treats

      Did you know dogs have an endocannabinoid system as well? Our dog treats can provide the same potent CBD benefits you enjoy to your furry friends as well in a delicious, pet-friendly treat!

      Full Spectrum Products (external)

      For burns, tattoo care, injuries, and other problems of the skin and muscles, a topical application of CBD can provide long-lasting benefits.

      Lip Balm

      For the moisturizing and sun-protectant effects of lip balm with the health benefits of CBD, our roller lip balm is your one-stop for healthier lips.

      Topical Salves

      We offer a variety of salves for burns, tattoo recovery, and general skin health. Crafted with honey, mustard oil, chamomile, and other potent herbs, our salves are great for your skin and they feel amazing as well.

      CBD Rollers

      If you're looking for an easy topical that travels well, try out our CBD rollers.  With essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and tea tree, you'll feel and smell wonderful.

      Fully Activated Health

      Whether you've been using CBD for years or you're just starting, trust Fully Activated to get you the potent benefits of CBD from organically grown hemp, finely crafted in small batches. We source the finest ingredients to combine with our CBD extracts, creating a superior product you can trust.

      Come check out our broad line of products and see how CBD products can benefit the life of you, your family, and your pets, too.

      CBD & Burn Care

      CBD & Burn Care

      We've all done it - absent-mindedly touched a hot pan or put our hands too close to a grill. What's left is an ugly, painful red mark; a burn. While burns are pretty commonplace, they require a bit more care than a scratch or other skin injury. This is because burns can cause damage below the surface that you can't see. When heat or chemicals burn your skin, they not only deal damage in a way that you can visibly see, but the heat penetrates down through the layers of cells. This is why burns scar and tend to hurt longer than cuts.

      Fortunately, the application of salves, cold packs, and other interventions can reduce the damage of a burn and shorten healing time.


      Burn intervention
      Some say that the first thing you should do when you get burned is to press the affected area to another part of your own skin. Meaning, if you burn your right pointer finger, hold it in your left hand or against your leg. This allows the heat to dissipate into a controlled manner and will help prevent the formation of a blister in many cases.

      After that, you should apply cool water to further lower the temperature of the burn site. Once that has been done, you should apply burn treatment right away.


      Fully Activated CBD Burn Care
      Our CBD care salve is formulated to help soothe burned skin. The ingredients are all specifically included to help with burns.


      Olive oil and coconut oil
      These act not only as the carrier for the rest of the soothing essential oils and ingredients but also as the basis of the salve. Olive oil keeps moisture at the skin level while coconut oil gives the salve the thick consistency that helps it stay where you put it.

      A wild herb known for its soothing of burn damage, comfrey has been shown to aid in cellular regeneration of heat damaged skin.

      Calendula extract has long been used as a burn treatment, both clinically and in-home remedies.

      Chamomile has been used in skin care products for a very long time because it moisturizes and leaves the skin feeling youthful and fresh. It's also used in particular for wounds and burns, so it was a natural inclusion for our salve.

      Lavender extract has been used for centuries as an anti-microbial and pain reliever.

      Shea butter, beeswax, and cocoa butter
      All three of these fatty, waxy substances are used to keep skin looking great, hold moisture to the surface of our skin, and to help reduce the formation and appearance of scars, as would occur with burns.

      Vitamin E and honey
      Both vitamin E and honey nourish the skin and keep it soft and supple.

      Arnica, mustard, and jojoba oil
      All three of these oils are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and jojoba oil in particular is great for keeping skin moisturized and youthful.

      High-quality CBD
      With 500mg of high-quality CBD per ounce, our salve has been specially formulated for helping burns and rashes. Some studies indicate that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin cells, and this salve marries all the best qualities of skin hydration and rejuvenation into an easy-to-use topical application.

      We pride ourselves on the best ingredients, specially formulated to help with burns and rashes. You can find our products right now on our website, and if you have any questions about our CBD salve or any other CBD product we have, please reach out to us!