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      News — CBD legalization

      CBD for the Military

      CBD for the Military

      Veterans who return from deployment face several difficulties, from reintegrating into normal life or in some cases, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, and a host of other problems. While many vets have turned to opioids for pain or simply steeling themselves in the face of all of this adversity, others have wanted to use CBD for many years but were blocked by the federal government's regulations.

      With Senator Tulsi Gabbard's endorsement, the government decided to end its ban on CBD for military members, which is a huge step forward. Let's look at why this is such a big deal.


      Veterans and PTSD

      Post-traumatic stress disorder is caused by extreme situations of fear, panic, violence, or helplessness, all of which our vets face during deployment. PTSD is typically treated with therapy and medication, but often it's not enough. Additionally, getting access to the right medication and therapy with veteran's benefits can be tricky.

      While CBD use for military personnel has shown promise in helping with CBD, it has been blocked because of draconian laws in the federal government regarding hemp products. This legal reversal opens up a whole new world for vets to treat their PTSD.



      In PTSD-suffering vets, suicide rates are extremely high when compared to the general public. In 2017, veteran suicide rates were 1.5x that of the general population, highlighting the need for better interventions with their mental health.


      Painkillers (non-opioid)

      Many vets suffer from chronic, debilitating pain from their service. The use of painkillers among vets is extremely high, and long-term painkiller use can cause liver and kidney damage, leading to premature death and loss of quality of life. Additionally, painkiller use is correlated with a desire to avoid showing outward pain, meaning many vets who use these painkillers are not being treated correctly, either physically or psychologically. This is usually due to fear of being considered weak, as there is still a stigma with psychological help in this country.


      Opioid pain killer

      Opioid painkillers work differently than normal analgesics. These painkillers trick the brain into simply thinking its not in pain, but they're highly addictive and have a high potential for life-altering dependence. Until CBD was legalized, there was no good alternative to these pain killers for many vets experiencing the opioid epidemic.

      A hopeful future

      With CBD legalization for vets, many of our military members will get the help they need in a safe, natural form. If this legalization helps even a small percentage of vets escape from the nightmare of PTSD and the cycle of painkiller and opioid abuse, then it's well worth the effort.