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      October Is Dog Adoption Month - Is There Room in Your Heart?

      October Is Dog Adoption Month - Is There Room in Your Heart?

      At Fully Activated CBD, we love our dogs. In fact, it was a beloved four-legged best friend Buca that inspired the development of the company. With October being National Adopt-A-Dog Month, we feel it is our duty to our sometimes-silly, always-lovable canines to spread some awareness. Obviously, we're encouraging dog adoption during the month of October, but we're taking things just a few steps further. 

      Adopt-A-Dog Month: The Purpose and Importance 

      Adopt-a-Dog Month was originally established in 1981 by American Humane in an effort to bring awareness to the millions of dogs in shelters that need good homes. Across the country, there are 3,500 traditional animal shelters and at least 10,000 rescue groups. Sadly, at least 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters every year, and roughly 670,000 will be euthanized due to overcrowding, and no one to give the dogs a home. 

      Overcrowding in animal shelters and lack of funding or support have grown to be a huge issue.  It is a common misconception that dogs in shelters are "problem dogs," but that is simply not the case. Dogs in shelters get there in a lot of different ways:

      • Some are surrendered because they are not compatible with the household
      • Some are rescued from poor living conditions
      • Some are picked up as strays
      • Some are given to a shelter after the death of their owner

      Even though it is not difficult to go to a nearby shelter and find a perfectly loyal and lovable canine companion, only 23 percent of dogs are obtained from an animal shelter. More dogs are purchased from a breeder or obtained from a private party. As many as 25 percent of dogs in shelters are purebred dogs. Dog adoption gives prospective pet parents the opportunity to find the perfect family pet for a much lower cost than they would pay a breeder. Most importantly, dog adoption gives dogs a place they can call home forever. 

      Show Your New Best Friend Some Love with CBD Dog Treats 

      Maybe you choose a senior dog with a few aches and pains, and you really want to improve its quality of life from here on out. Perhaps your new pup is a little anxious about car rides for vet checkups or has a bit of separation anxiety. While the research on CBD for pets is just starting to gain momentum, the anecdotal evidence is promising. Animals may benefit from CBD in some of the same ways that humans do. Having a few CBD dog treats on hand may help your newly adopted dog more comfortable in its new home.

      As an adage, make sure you pick out high-quality CBD for pets, whether it is treats or otherwise. Fully Activated dog treats are created in yummy flavors like Peanut Butter Banana and Pizza, but they are also made with full spectrum CBD distillate derived from hemp. Our treats are also lab-tested, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO, so your playful pup only gets the best. 

      Dogs Deserve the Best, So We've Got a Deal for Dog-Lovers 

      Wet kisses, tail wags, snuggles—dogs are so easy to love. We're ready to show some love to those dog-lovers who open up their lives and hearts to an adopted dog. If you'd like to try our full spectrum CBD dog treats (or any other CBD for pets product) for your new pooch, send us a picture of your newly adopted best pal and we'll give you 10% off our pet products.