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      My Story: My Anxiety & CBD

      My Story: My Anxiety & CBD

      My Personal Journey with CBD
      Hi!  My name is Sarah and I am a nurse, life coach, and yoga instructor who values a more holistic approach to mental health. I have dealt with anxiety and mood swings since I was a teenager.  My family suggested that I talk to someone about my problems. In addition to talking with someone, I also enjoy using CBD. 

      Learning about CBD
      I first found out about CBD when I was in nursing school. In class, we were shown a video about patients with seizures and self destructive behaviors due to developmental delay or autism. In this video, patients were given THC and CBD nebulizer treatments and within minutes, their seizures or slapping behaviors would cease. It was also given as an alternative medicine to help patients with chronic pain and failure to thrive. This sparked my interest, and I started my own journey with CBD.

      My Experience with CBD and Anxiety
      Sometimes when I become very anxious, I feel that I lose my appetite, my will to shower or exercise, and my ability to function appropriately around other people. On these days I chose to take some CBD to help me ease the tension. I have tried long lasting 12 hour patches, CBD isolate in beverages, and even a form of CBD I can smoke via vape pen. Within a few minutes after ingesting or applying my CBD, I feel calm. It helps to elevate my mood without giving me a feeling that I am stoned or couch locked. It doesn't make me hyper or jittery the way that coffee can either, but instead it makes me lifted, like I feel right after a hug. My favorite time to take CBD is right before I do yoga or holotropic breath work, which both help to ease my anxiety, as well.

      I cannot say that using CBD alone to treat anxiety is a magical fix. I'm not a doctor, and I cannot tell you how CBD will work for you.  I have personally found that it works great for me. My personal preference is to use CBD as a tool in my tool kit along with other methods of healing and introspection.

      In my experience, anxiety can really stop you in your tracks, but it can be overcome with daily self work and an overall positive outlook.  Discovering a method that works best for you and your lifestyle is important, as well as, choosing a high-quality product that you can trust.  Ask questions, explore alternative anxiety-reducing techniques, and find the products that help you get to where you want to be!

      Refreshing CBD Isolate Beverages to Make This Summer

      Refreshing CBD Isolate Beverages to Make This Summer

      As the warmth of summer lingers, there’s still time to enjoy an ice cold beverage outside or on a patio as the sun goes down. 


      We’re put together a short list of delicious, do-it-yourself summer CBD beverages to sip and relax.  Ease into your evenings with a refreshing treat!


      CBD isolate is derived from hemp and has been separated from all other cannabinoids. This means it can be up to 100 percent pure CBD, and it comes in many forms, like isolate powder.


      Summer Drinks Made with CBD Isolate

      Adding CBD isolate to your tasty summer drinks for adults may be a simple way to relax and alleviate some stress.  CBD isolate shouldn’t make you feel high either. It may, however, elevate your mood, ease body aches and pains, and potentially decrease levels of anxiety in some people.


      Try these easy drink recipes when you feel like kicking back with friends this summer. Unfortunately, we cannot legally advise you on how much CBD you should use in your beverages, so determining that is up to you!  It’s worth mentioning, too, that drinks that contain CBD are meant for adults only.

      Sweet Lime & Seltzer

      The lime is a nutritional powerhouse that’s packed full of antioxidants. Adding it to drinks gives you a big boost of vitamin C and helps your body fight off the free radicals that cause cancer and other chronic diseases. Sprinkling a little CBD isolate into a frosty, non-alcoholic sweet lime and seltzer could be a great way to relax on the patio after work.

      • 8 oz lime juice
      • 12 oz seltzer water
      • 4 oz simple syrup
      • Ice
      • Fresh lime wedges

      Fill four glasses with ice and pour the ingredients over. Garnish with fresh lime.

      Chill & indulge.

      Strawberry Citrus Smoothie

      When you mix up fresh and pureed strawberries and shake in a little orange juice and lemon zest, you have a tangy treat that boosts immunity and gives your taste buds a nice wake-up call. Stir in your CBD isolate.

      • 1 c fresh strawberries
      • 1 c fresh strawberry puree
      • 2 & 1/2 c orange juice
      • 2 T simple syrup
      • 2 T Grenadine
      • 1/3 c seltzer

      Mix in a pitcher and serve.










      Can CBD Relieve Depression?

      Can CBD Relieve Depression?

      A study published in 2015 found that clinical depression is linked with 30% more inflammation in the brain.  CBD shows potential as a plant-derived anti-inflammatory without the side effects of medications.

      Read more