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      News — pharmaceutical drugs

      My Story: My Anxiety & CBD

      My Story: My Anxiety & CBD

        My Personal Journey with CBD and Anxiety Hi!  My name is Sarah and I am a nurse, life coach, and yoga instructor who values a more holistic approach to mental health. I have dealt with anxiety and mood swings since I was a teenager.  My family suggested that I talk to someone about my problems. In addition to talking with someone, I also enjoy using CBD.    Learning about CBD I first found out about CBD when I was in nursing school. In class, we were shown a video about patients with seizures and self destructive behaviors due to...

      Can CBD Replace Pharmaceuticals?

      Can CBD Replace Some Pharmaceuticals

      A national January 2019 Consumer Reports survey of more than 4,000 CBD users across the country found that nearly a quarter used CBD to replace OTC drugs such as Tylenol and prescription drugs, including opioids, anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids.

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