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      The Lesser Known Cannabinoids - CBG & CBN

      The Lesser Known Cannabinoids - CBG & CBN

      With the ever-increasing popularity of CBD, it's hard to find a person who doesn't know about it and what it can potentially do for your health. CBD and THC are the two most well-known extracts from the cannabis plant, but did you know there are other cannabinoids? CBG and CBN are just two of over 60 potentially undiscovered cannabinoids locked within the cannabis plant.

      While CBD extracts are great, more people are exploring the benefits of full-spectrum products. Let's look at why full spectrum can be hugely beneficial, and learn about some of the other, lesser-known cannabinoids you'll find in full-spectrum products.

      What is "full-spectrum"?

      Typically CBD is presented as an extract from the cannabis Sativa hemp plant. This is one of the most potent ways to get the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC, as CBD extracts, like isolate, are extremely pure. Not only is CBD extracted without THC, however, it also excludes all of the terpenes that give the cannabis plant its flavor, and all of the other cannabinoids.

      Full-spectrum products include everything, from the terpenes to the plant lipids, cannabinoids, and extremely trace amounts of THC, usually less than .03%. Some research seems to indicate that hemp extracts are simply more potent when taken entirely together - full-spectrum products give you exactly that.

      What cannabinoids are typically found in full-spectrum?

      Naturally, full-spectrum includes all of the parts of the plant, from the terpenes to the cannabinoids like CBD that we're used to. There are some others, however, that have had some studies indicating their potential benefits.

      What is CBN - Cannabinol 

      This particular cannabinoid is rich in older plants because it is a byproduct of THC breaking down as it ages. The presence of this cannabinoid doesn't indicate high levels of THC, however, so you needn't worry about any psychoactive implications.

      What is CBG - Cannabigerol

      CBG is present in very small amounts in most cannabis plants - around 1%. Because of this, it hasn't been as widely studied as THC, CBN, and CBD, but some growers are changing that by breeding plants selectively to increase their CBG content. While some studies show promising results for using CBG, it must be more broadly cultivated and available for research, and that's where the selective breeding comes into play.

      What do the studies say?

      There are more studies on CBN than CBG because it's more common. Since all you need to do is age THC-rich plants to get CBN, it's simply easier to research. There is some promising research on these cannabinoids, including:

      • Some studies indicate that CBN, by affecting the ECS receptors in the eyes, can reduce intraocular pressure, potentially being an effective treatment for glaucoma
      • A few studies suggest that many of the cannabinoids, including CBN and CBG, are antibacterial, which could be great news for people who are allergic to antibiotics
      • Various studies have shown promising results for the treatment of anxiety, PTSD, and depression with various cannabinoids, including CBN and CBG

      While it must be noted that the indications from studies are not definitive proof, this and other research does create a hopeful future for cannabinoid extracts.

      Exploring the benefits of full-spectrum products

      We offer many full spectrum CBD products, from topical creams and balms to ingested oils and vapes.  If you're interested in learning more about Fully Activated's line of high purity products, reach out today at - we're happy to help!

      cbd recipes

      Your Guide to a CBD Thanksgiving

      Thanksgiving, for some, is a time of coming together with family and being grateful for every blessing. For others, it can be an anxiety-ridden day with entertaining and feeding extended family. But you can bring the holiday hysterics down a notch or two this Thanksgiving by experimenting with CBD oil and your favorite recipes. The chaos and run-amuckery may still take place, but odds are good that these adults-only dishes will help you enjoy your day with a little more ease. 

      How Do I Incorporate CBD Into My Holiday Recipes? 

      CBD oil has a naturally earthy, or nutty, taste that lends itself well to dishes containing carotenoids such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or winter squash. Using it in pies or puddings helps the flavor blend well and won’t ruin your dessert. But there are three hard-and-fast rules you should stick to before adding CBD to any dishes you’ll serve up this holiday:

      1. Calculate how much CBD you’ll add based on your own typical serving size. If you anticipate eating two helpings of a dish, alter the amount of CBD you use per serving to give you your regular dose through two servings. 
      2. Inform everyone present that there is CBD in one or more of your dishes, so they have the option to choose whether to indulge.
      3. Limit ingestion of your CBD-infused foods to adults only. 

      What Are the Best CBD-Friendly Ingredients?

      We’ve put together a short list of Thanksgiving-friendly ingredients that pair well with the flavor of CBD:

      • Chocolate
      • Avocado
      • Pumpkin
      • Sweet Potato
      • Peanut Butter
      • Brown Sugar
      • Matcha
      • Ginger
      • Turmeric
      • Cashews

      This means you can whip up everything from cookies to CBD-infused smoothies this Thanksgiving without sacrificing flavor. 

      Should I Use Full-Spectrum or Pure CBD in My Thanksgiving Recipes? 

      Full-Spectrum CBD contains many plant cannabinoids (including trace amounts of THC), phytocannabinoids, and terpenes. Many feel that using full-spectrum CBD oil gives them more of a whole-health boost. Pure CBD oil does not contain any THC. Regardless, neither type of CBD should get you buzzed.  Studies have suggested that CBD may be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of several types of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, which is a big obstacle for many people as the holiday season approaches. For your holiday edibles, best practice is to use the type of CBD oil that you’re most comfortable taking. 

      CBD-Friendly Holiday Recipes

      Pumpkin Pie 

      Pillsbury offers an easy pumpkin pie recipe that’s simple enough for any cook, and you can tweak it by adding your preferred amount of CBD. 

      Preheat oven to 425. Mix together 1 (15 oz) can of pumpkin, 3/4 c. sugar, 1&1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1&1/4 c. evaporated milk, 2 beaten eggs, and CBD. Pour into a ready-made pie shell. Bake for 15 minutes at 425 degrees, then reduce heat to 350. Bake for 50 minutes more. Serve cold with whipped topping. 

      Pecan/Cashew Nut Brittle

      Grease a large cookie sheet. 

      Mix together 1 c. sugar and 1/2 c. light corn syrup. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Remove, stir, and microwave for another 2.5 minutes. Remove. Stir in 1/2 c. chopped pecans, 1/2 c. chopped cashews, 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1 tsp butter, 1/4 tsp, cayenne pepper, 1/8 tsp. salt, pinch of nutmeg. 

      Microwave for 2 more minutes. Remove and mix in 1 tsp. baking soda, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp. rum extract, and CBD. 

      Pour into greased cookie sheet, and spread to a thin layer, using a metal spatula. Allow to cool, then break into pieces and store in an airtight container. 

      Place your order today at Fully Activated CBD and elevate your holiday hosting experience to the next level with adult-friendly edibles freshly made at home. 

      October Is Dog Adoption Month - Is There Room in Your Heart?

      October Is Dog Adoption Month - Is There Room in Your Heart?

      At Fully Activated CBD, we love our dogs. In fact, it was a beloved four-legged best friend Buca that inspired the development of the company. With October being National Adopt-A-Dog Month, we feel it is our duty to our sometimes-silly, always-lovable canines to spread some awareness. Obviously, we're encouraging dog adoption during the month of October, but we're taking things just a few steps further. 

      Adopt-A-Dog Month: The Purpose and Importance 

      Adopt-a-Dog Month was originally established in 1981 by American Humane in an effort to bring awareness to the millions of dogs in shelters that need good homes. Across the country, there are 3,500 traditional animal shelters and at least 10,000 rescue groups. Sadly, at least 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters every year, and roughly 670,000 will be euthanized due to overcrowding, and no one to give the dogs a home. 

      Overcrowding in animal shelters and lack of funding or support have grown to be a huge issue.  It is a common misconception that dogs in shelters are "problem dogs," but that is simply not the case. Dogs in shelters get there in a lot of different ways:

      • Some are surrendered because they are not compatible with the household
      • Some are rescued from poor living conditions
      • Some are picked up as strays
      • Some are given to a shelter after the death of their owner

      Even though it is not difficult to go to a nearby shelter and find a perfectly loyal and lovable canine companion, only 23 percent of dogs are obtained from an animal shelter. More dogs are purchased from a breeder or obtained from a private party. As many as 25 percent of dogs in shelters are purebred dogs. Dog adoption gives prospective pet parents the opportunity to find the perfect family pet for a much lower cost than they would pay a breeder. Most importantly, dog adoption gives dogs a place they can call home forever. 

      Show Your New Best Friend Some Love with CBD Dog Treats 

      Maybe you choose a senior dog with a few aches and pains, and you really want to improve its quality of life from here on out. Perhaps your new pup is a little anxious about car rides for vet checkups or has a bit of separation anxiety. While the research on CBD for pets is just starting to gain momentum, the anecdotal evidence is promising. Animals may benefit from CBD in some of the same ways that humans do. Having a few CBD dog treats on hand may help your newly adopted dog more comfortable in its new home.

      As an adage, make sure you pick out high-quality CBD for pets, whether it is treats or otherwise. Fully Activated dog treats are created in yummy flavors like Peanut Butter Banana and Pizza, but they are also made with full spectrum CBD distillate derived from hemp. Our treats are also lab-tested, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO, so your playful pup only gets the best. 

      Dogs Deserve the Best, So We've Got a Deal for Dog-Lovers 

      Wet kisses, tail wags, snuggles—dogs are so easy to love. We're ready to show some love to those dog-lovers who open up their lives and hearts to an adopted dog. If you'd like to try our full spectrum CBD dog treats (or any other CBD for pets product) for your new pooch, send us a picture of your newly adopted best pal and we'll give you 10% off our pet products. 


      Hemp & Sustainability

      Hemp & Sustainability

      Much of the buzz regarding hemp immediately after its federal legalization was for CBD production, but it's a very useful plant for many other purposes. In fact, hemp's most valuable contribution may one day become its use in sustainable construction and development. As an ingredient in building materials like hempcrete or just as a tree-free source for toilet paper, hemp has many benefits that should make it a part of any attempt at green living.


      Stronger fiber alternative to cotton

      Cotton is popular as a natural fiber that absorbs sweat, but it's far from the strongest material and it's tricky to spin. Hemp is not only slightly easier to process and spin thanks to longer fibers, it's also much stronger. That's why hemp was once the preferred material for rope-making, especially for ships where a strong rope could save lives. It also means that hemp fibers are useful as much more than just paper or fabric.


      Higher recyclable rate than paper

      Paper and cardboard are often labeled as recyclable when less than 10% of the pulp actually qualifies for reuse. Thanks to the durable and large fibers found in hemp, it's much easier to turn a hemp notecard or box into something useful with recycling. With landfills running out of space around the world, increasing the recycling value of products is a must.


      Water usage

      Cotton and other plant fibers aren't just good at soaking up sweat, they're also thirsty when they're growing. Cotton uses up on average twice as much water as hemp before reaching the harvesting stage, or even more if it's being grown in a hot and windy climate. Since hemp is sown and grown tightly packed together, it resists moisture loss to wind in challenging environments.


      Fewer pesticides going into water system/earth

      Cotton and even sheep for wool production require a surprising amount of pesticides to reach full growth for harvest. Without constant chemical sprays, these plants and animals are simply too enticing to insects that want to eat them or ruin their wool. Hemp is naturally resistant to most pests and requires little to no pesticides, especially since it hasn't been grown in many areas for decades. Even as insects come to rely on it as a food source, it's not expected to need as much pesticide as cotton due to better innate defenses.


      Quick grow rate & higher yields

      Hemp doesn't just use less water. It's planted tightly together like corn or grain rather than spaced out like cotton. This means each acre of soil produces up to twice as much hemp than cotton. Pair that with a faster growth rate and you've got an obvious winner for any farmer trying to maximize their harvests. Even if hemp pays less per pound than cotton, the higher yields in shorter time frames give the farmer multiple chances to complete a crop in a challenging year and secure their payment.


      Hempcrete vs concrete

      Concrete has been popular since its invention in Ancient Rome, but it requires large volumes of gravel and other ingredients that require destructive mining. Swapping out stone aggregates for a certain percentage of chopping hemp stems creates hempcrete. This lightweight building material is strong, water-resistant, and much less energy-intensive to produce than standard concrete. It's a sustainable alternative that also expands opportunities for using concrete where aggregates are less available. Even when there's no stone to mine for gravel, there's likely somewhere to grow hemp for making hempcrete.


      Hemp isn't just a great source of CBD. It's also a valuable resource for making our everyday lives less environmentally damaging. Expect to see this source of fiber and oil popping up in many surprising green living products over the next few years. We cannot wait to see what else it can do!






      The Evolution of CBD

      The Evolution of CBD

      CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that’s present in the hemp plant. For years, there has been a stigma surrounding CBD, but as more research is done, that stigma is beginning to dissipate. There's a lot of interest in CBD today, and many scientists feel CBD is worth deeper scrutiny as a medicinal drug. There are several types of CBD that are worth mentioning:

      Full-Spectrum CBD

      Full-spectrum CBD includes additional cannabinoids in its harvesting and production. Besides straight CBD and other cannabinoids, this derivation typically includes "healthy" fats such as omega-3 and omega-6. It may also contain vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and calcium.. 

      CBD Isolate

      CBD isolate contains fewer components. In fact, it may be up to 100 percent pure CBD. CBD isolate is being researched as potential symptomatic relief for inflammation, swelling, and more. CBD has only recently gained popularity among patients searching for alternative options to prescription drugs such as painkillers or tranquilizers. Its evolution has been short but interesting:


      British pharmaceutical company, GW Pharmaceuticals, begins medical trials using CBD. This opens the flood doors for scientific study into the use of CBD as a possible help for everything from anxiety to seizures. This would later lead to the creation of Epidiolex, a drug legalized to treat childhood epilepsy. 


      Charlotte Figi finds relief from hundreds of seizures daily. Her parents believe CBD is the reason. Other desperate parents of children with Dravet Syndrome begin moving to Colorado to use CBD. 


      Charlotte Figi’s story becomes a televised documentary on CNN, titled Weed, featuring respected doctor Sanjay Gupta. Her story helps spark interest in CBD as a medicinal drug and begins an important conversation on the possibilities offered by the cannabinoid. 


      President Trump signs the Farm Bill into effect in December. This legalizes the growing, production, and distribution of hemp in America and takes hemp off the list of Schedule 1 Controlled Substances. It also legalizes CBD derived from the hemp plant so long as it contains less than 1% THC and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 


      CBD becomes legal for medicinal purposes in 47 states. As more research takes place, it's plausible to expect regulations regarding CBD to loosen. 

      Epidiolex, the cannabinoid drug manufactured in the UK and used to treat childhood epilepsy, is moved from a Level 1 Controlled Substance to a Level 5 drug. This allows physicians to prescribe the drug without being an official participant in the DEA drug-monitoring program. It also allows for off-brand production of a generic drug. 

      As more becomes known about the possibilities of CBD, scientists become more intrigued. Is it possible that hemp, an herb that's been around for at least 50,000 years, could be an answer to some of America's ailments? CBD is now available for purchase without a prescription to adults across the country for those wishing to explore its capabilities. 

      While we are not medical professionals, and cannot prescribe CBD to anyone, CBD education is at the top of our list of priorities.  If you have questions about our CBD products and testing results, we are happy to share!