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      My Story: My Anxiety & CBD

      My Story: My Anxiety & CBD

      My Personal Journey with CBD
      Hi!  My name is Sarah and I am a nurse, life coach, and yoga instructor who values a more holistic approach to mental health. I have dealt with anxiety and mood swings since I was a teenager.  My family suggested that I talk to someone about my problems. In addition to talking with someone, I also enjoy using CBD. 

      Learning about CBD
      I first found out about CBD when I was in nursing school. In class, we were shown a video about patients with seizures and self destructive behaviors due to developmental delay or autism. In this video, patients were given THC and CBD nebulizer treatments and within minutes, their seizures or slapping behaviors would cease. It was also given as an alternative medicine to help patients with chronic pain and failure to thrive. This sparked my interest, and I started my own journey with CBD.

      My Experience with CBD and Anxiety
      Sometimes when I become very anxious, I feel that I lose my appetite, my will to shower or exercise, and my ability to function appropriately around other people. On these days I chose to take some CBD to help me ease the tension. I have tried long lasting 12 hour patches, CBD isolate in beverages, and even a form of CBD I can smoke via vape pen. Within a few minutes after ingesting or applying my CBD, I feel calm. It helps to elevate my mood without giving me a feeling that I am stoned or couch locked. It doesn't make me hyper or jittery the way that coffee can either, but instead it makes me lifted, like I feel right after a hug. My favorite time to take CBD is right before I do yoga or holotropic breath work, which both help to ease my anxiety, as well.

      I cannot say that using CBD alone to treat anxiety is a magical fix. I'm not a doctor, and I cannot tell you how CBD will work for you.  I have personally found that it works great for me. My personal preference is to use CBD as a tool in my tool kit along with other methods of healing and introspection.

      In my experience, anxiety can really stop you in your tracks, but it can be overcome with daily self work and an overall positive outlook.  Discovering a method that works best for you and your lifestyle is important, as well as, choosing a high-quality product that you can trust.  Ask questions, explore alternative anxiety-reducing techniques, and find the products that help you get to where you want to be!

      What to Look for in CBD Skincare Products

      What to Look for in CBD Skincare Products

       As the largest organ in the body, your skin serves as your waterproof shield, protecting you from exposure to chemicals, germs, and much more. But it can only do that when in the best health possible, as any rashes, abrasions, and cuts can detract from its protective abilities. To keep your skin healthy, you have to choose your CBD skincare products wisely since not all companies are made equal. Thankfully, finding the highest quality products is simple. You just have to look at the ingredients label to see what’s inside. Here’s what to look for:


      Natural Fats

      Quality CBD skincare products contain a variety of natural fats, such as:

      • Coconut oil
      • Olive oil
      • Arnica oil
      • Shea butter
      • Cocoa butter

      When applied to your skin on a regular basis, these fats help nourish the cell membranes. When these membranes are in good shape, they can retain more water to keep your skin soft, supple, and well-moisturized. For a one-two punch of cell support, add more healthy fats to your diet as well, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from veggies, seafood, and nuts.


      Vitamin E

      As with all excellent skincare products, vitamin E should show up on the list of ingredients when choosing CBD salves and more. This important vitamin is a wildly popular antioxidant that is linked to anti-aging effects, including reversing sun damage. Beyond that, vitamin E just feels plain good on the skin, working together with natural fats to improve hydration.


      Plant Extracts

      As you scour the ingredients list on your favorite CBD skincare products, look for plant extracts of all kinds, including:

      • Chamomile
      • Lavender
      • Calendula
      • Peppermint
      • Calendula
      • Comfrey
      • Aloe vera

      All of these plants give the CBD salves, lotions, and balms a heavenly scent, while preventing the need for chemical fragrances. The vast majority of chemicals used to create wonderful scents fall in the petrochemical category. Since they are classified as toxins, they are likely well worth avoiding, especially when you can easily choose CBD products made with natural ingredients instead.


      Quality CBD

      Of course, you cannot overlook the quality of the CBD used in the formulas. Skincare products use distillates instead of CBD isolate, which contains up to 99% pure CBD. Distillates are a full-spectrum product that contain much more than CBD alone and are very beneficial.


      Once processed, the CBD distillate should never have more than the 0.3% legal limit of THC, though other cannabinoids and terpenes are present. There are over 144 cannabinoids circulating through these plants, after all. Each of these substances builds on the next to produce the entourage effect.  Many think this cooperative effort of cannabinoid can enhance their experience.


      An Absence of Commercial Chemicals

      What’s missing from the ingredients list is almost more important than what’s in it. Many commercial skincare products use potentially harmful chemicals due to their low price and availability. That doesn’t mean their ingredients are safe nor 100% effective. In fact, the opposite could be true.


      So, with that in mind, keep an eye out for these commonly used substances:

      • Phthalates
      • Triclosan
      • Parabens
      • Aluminum
      • Mineral oil
      • Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
      • Sodium lauryl sulfate
      • Sodium laureth sulfate


      Products with artificial fragrances, instead of essential oils and plant extracts, could irritate skin as well.


      The best way to find quality skincare products is to go with a company who will answer your questions, like Fully Activated CBD. Our products are always made in small batches using locally sourced, natural ingredients. We have everything from full-spectrum CBD salve to lip and body balm. If you want to go beyond skincare, we also have CBD isolate, full-spectrum oil, and much more.











      CBD & Burn Care

      CBD & Burn Care

      We've all done it - absent-mindedly touched a hot pan or put our hands too close to a grill. What's left is an ugly, painful red mark; a burn. While burns are pretty commonplace, they require a bit more care than a scratch or other skin injury. This is because burns can cause damage below the surface that you can't see. When heat or chemicals burn your skin, they not only deal damage in a way that you can visibly see, but the heat penetrates down through the layers of cells. This is why burns scar and tend to hurt longer than cuts.

      Fortunately, the application of salves, cold packs, and other interventions can reduce the damage of a burn and shorten healing time.


      Burn intervention
      Some say that the first thing you should do when you get burned is to press the affected area to another part of your own skin. Meaning, if you burn your right pointer finger, hold it in your left hand or against your leg. This allows the heat to dissipate into a controlled manner and will help prevent the formation of a blister in many cases.

      After that, you should apply cool water to further lower the temperature of the burn site. Once that has been done, you should apply burn treatment right away.


      Fully Activated CBD Burn Care
      Our CBD care salve is formulated to help soothe burned skin. The ingredients are all specifically included to help with burns.


      Olive oil and coconut oil
      These act not only as the carrier for the rest of the soothing essential oils and ingredients but also as the basis of the salve. Olive oil keeps moisture at the skin level while coconut oil gives the salve the thick consistency that helps it stay where you put it.

      A wild herb known for its soothing of burn damage, comfrey has been shown to aid in cellular regeneration of heat damaged skin.

      Calendula extract has long been used as a burn treatment, both clinically and in-home remedies.

      Chamomile has been used in skin care products for a very long time because it moisturizes and leaves the skin feeling youthful and fresh. It's also used in particular for wounds and burns, so it was a natural inclusion for our salve.

      Lavender extract has been used for centuries as an anti-microbial and pain reliever.

      Shea butter, beeswax, and cocoa butter
      All three of these fatty, waxy substances are used to keep skin looking great, hold moisture to the surface of our skin, and to help reduce the formation and appearance of scars, as would occur with burns.

      Vitamin E and honey
      Both vitamin E and honey nourish the skin and keep it soft and supple.

      Arnica, mustard, and jojoba oil
      All three of these oils are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and jojoba oil in particular is great for keeping skin moisturized and youthful.

      High-quality CBD
      With 500mg of high-quality CBD per ounce, our salve has been specially formulated for helping burns and rashes. Some studies indicate that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin cells, and this salve marries all the best qualities of skin hydration and rejuvenation into an easy-to-use topical application.

      We pride ourselves on the best ingredients, specially formulated to help with burns and rashes. You can find our products right now on our website, and if you have any questions about our CBD salve or any other CBD product we have, please reach out to us!

      Refreshing CBD Isolate Beverages to Make This Summer

      Refreshing CBD Isolate Beverages to Make This Summer

      As the warmth of summer lingers, there’s still time to enjoy an ice cold beverage outside or on a patio as the sun goes down. 


      We’re put together a short list of delicious, do-it-yourself summer CBD beverages to sip and relax.  Ease into your evenings with a refreshing treat!


      CBD isolate is derived from hemp and has been separated from all other cannabinoids. This means it can be up to 100 percent pure CBD, and it comes in many forms, like isolate powder.


      Summer Drinks Made with CBD Isolate

      Adding CBD isolate to your tasty summer drinks for adults may be a simple way to relax and alleviate some stress.  CBD isolate shouldn’t make you feel high either. It may, however, elevate your mood, ease body aches and pains, and potentially decrease levels of anxiety in some people.


      Try these easy drink recipes when you feel like kicking back with friends this summer. Unfortunately, we cannot legally advise you on how much CBD you should use in your beverages, so determining that is up to you!  It’s worth mentioning, too, that drinks that contain CBD are meant for adults only.

      Sweet Lime & Seltzer

      The lime is a nutritional powerhouse that’s packed full of antioxidants. Adding it to drinks gives you a big boost of vitamin C and helps your body fight off the free radicals that cause cancer and other chronic diseases. Sprinkling a little CBD isolate into a frosty, non-alcoholic sweet lime and seltzer could be a great way to relax on the patio after work.

      • 8 oz lime juice
      • 12 oz seltzer water
      • 4 oz simple syrup
      • Ice
      • Fresh lime wedges

      Fill four glasses with ice and pour the ingredients over. Garnish with fresh lime.

      Chill & indulge.

      Strawberry Citrus Smoothie

      When you mix up fresh and pureed strawberries and shake in a little orange juice and lemon zest, you have a tangy treat that boosts immunity and gives your taste buds a nice wake-up call. Stir in your CBD isolate.

      • 1 c fresh strawberries
      • 1 c fresh strawberry puree
      • 2 & 1/2 c orange juice
      • 2 T simple syrup
      • 2 T Grenadine
      • 1/3 c seltzer

      Mix in a pitcher and serve.










      Top Activities for Grounding Yourself with CBD

      Top Activities for Grounding Yourself with CBD

      Anxiety can impact every aspect of your life from enjoying social activities to pursuing the next steps in your career. It is often complicated to resolve, resulting with the use of many different treatment methods. CBD is one such method that has come into favor in recent years, and medical research is growing.


      Some people have found that CBD, in addition to grounding techniques may help you take yourself out of the stressful moment. To help you in the mission to ease your anxiety, here’s a look at some ways to ground yourself with CBD.


      Use Distraction Techniques

      Distraction can be incredibly helpful by redirecting all that energy elsewhere. Here’s a couple techniques you might find helpful.



      With 5-4-3-2-1 by your side, you never have to spiral out of control as anxiety arises. To practice this technique, you just have to find:

      • Five things you can easily see in your immediate area
      • Four things that you can feel touching your body
      • Three things you can hear going on around you
      • Two things you can smell in that moment
      • One thing you can taste (Gum, anyone?)

      As you find each item, make sure to name it aloud and really focus on its linked sensation.


      Count Backward by 7

      When your mind is focused on doing math, it’s harder to focus anxious thoughts and feelings. So, when you start to feel discomfort set it, start from 100 and begin counting backward by sevens. By the time you hit 44, you might notice that your anxious thoughts have dissipated, leaving you in a better state of mind to handle the problem at hand.


      Work Off All That Anxious Energy

      Once you have stopped the onrush of anxious thoughts, get out of your chair and get moving to work off that anxious energy. As you move, the physical activity will likely prove calming as you wait for the CBD to start working its magic.

      Physical activities that you can likely safely enjoy while using CBD include:

      • Hiking on your favorite trails
      • Going on a run around the lake
      • Walking your dog around the block
      • Practicing beneficial yoga poses
      • Riding your stationary bike
      • Running on a treadmill


      Upon using these grounding techniques to center your mind and body, you will likely feel the anxiety melt away. Just make sure to stay well-stocked on your CBD isolate or full-spectrum products. That way, you’ll always be ready to fight back against anxiety as situations outside of your control arise.  There are so many options when it comes to CBD products.  From body rollers with lavender and peppermint oils, full spectrum salves, and pure CBD isolate, the choice is yours!


      Whenever you can directly distract yourself from your current anxious thought, you are likely to end up feeling much better in no time flat. Combining these efforts with a little bit of CBD support, may just be the ease you’re looking for!