CBD Facts

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound that can be extracted from the hemp plant. It is best to extract CBD from legally grown, high-CBD hemp plants. Our plants and fields are approved by the Denver Department of Agriculture and our facility is approved by the Denver Department of Health. We start our plants from “clones,” which guarantees that each plant is a high quality, CBD-rich hemp plant. “Mother” plants are used to take these cuttings or “clones.” Roughly 2,000 of these “mother” plants are kept in greenhouses year round and over 100,000 cuttings are taken each year before spring!

The process of keeping “mother” plants and growing from “clones” is not unique to us, however our plant strains and our careful family-style methods of farming are very special and unique indeed! By growing from clones we can guarantee uniformity in our products, which is extremely important to us, our customers and their animals. CBD is one of the most important non-psychoactive medicinal parts of the plant, but it is not the only one. Some other useful non-psychoactive cannabinoids to be noted are CBG and CBN – these are in our Full Spectrum products!

CBD does not get you “high,” and neither will the low levels of THC in our Full Spectrum line of products. Legally all hemp CBD products must contain under .3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is still very beneficial at these levels as it works synergistically with the CBD, CBG and CBN.  While CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, they act on totally different receptors in the brain and central nervous system. These receptors make up our endocannabinoid system, an entire system we all have but never even learned about! 

The proper and mindful use of cannabinoids has been gaining a lot of momentum as a way to maintain homeostasis in the body.  CBD (cannabidiol) and several other cannabinoids are proving to be significant and have been gaining great scientific attention lately for their potential benefit to all vertebrate animals. People have been using cannabinoids for family, friends and pets for centuries.

CBD as a compound is best extracted from properly grown hemp plants only. These plants are intended to contain high levels of CBD and under .3% THC – the legal limit. 

Industrial hemp is low in CBD and all cannabinoids, it is not good for extracting and only means more processing, more contaminants, and a dirty, much less potent product. We will never import or use industrial hemp; we grow our own high-CBD plants right here in Colorado!

CBD is often derived from commercial/industrial hemp – these are the same plants used to make paper, ropes, fabrics and even plastics. Most commercial brands and larger companies are sourcing CBD from these plants unfortunately, because it is cheap and available. This hemp being used is low in naturally occurring CBD which results in a lower quality product that tastes terrible and has much less actual value. The big brands usually cost more for some reason too, even though the quality is usually poor. Another thing to note about commercial CBD is that it’s often extracted from plants grown overseas and in poor soil. Hemp as a plant absorbs toxins from its surrounding air and soil, so if it is grown in toxic soil, it will contain toxins, and if grown in a polluted area it will absorb that pollution.

When we started our friends-and-family based grassroots operation, we looked for plants that were very high in CBD so we could extract a clean CBD oil.  We wanted it to be grown in good, clean soil, so the end products would be toxin free. When we couldn’t find that kind of plant or farm, we made it happen ourselves through gene selection and cross-breeding. we initially started growing on a small plot only a few miles from our home.

Our plants are now grown in the Colorado foothills, we have fields of clean, organic soil, surrounded by cool clean air – all powered by the great Colorado sunshine! We use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers and only practice wholesome organic farming. 

The products we sell are made from either pure CBD-only isolate, or our exclusive Full Spectrum CBD Distillate. CBD isolate is a powder that contains only CBD (cannabidiol.) We’ve removed all of the other hemp plant by-products and cannabinoids including chlorophyll, plant waxes, lipids and fibers, and a solvent-free process is used to produce the 99.8%+ pure CBD isolate. We make it in small batches to preserve the integrity of the product.

Our Distillate is made in a similar way, but we leave the CBG and CBN in the oil, and allow the legal amount of THC to remain (under .3%). These other cannabinoids all work together to produce superior results, in a process known as The Entourage Effect. 

When buying CBD isolate and products, ask these questions:

What kind of hemp strain was used to produce the CBD?

CBD-dominant hemp results in a better tasting, purer end product. We’ve bred our own strain of CBD-dominant hemp that allows us to produce 99.8%+ pure isolate.

Where and how were those plants grown?

Hemp is a plant that readily absorbs toxins in the ground. If it was grown in toxic soil, the plant will contain those toxins too. You don’t want toxins in your CBD! Our hemp is grown with organic methods in Colorado. We have really, really awesome plants.

Were any toxic compounds used in the refining process?

No, not in our process. We only use inert compounds in our refining process. Many national and overseas producers use a refining process that involves chemicals which can be harmful to your health and the environment.