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Here’s to Our Health!

With the emergence of CBD companies, social groups and a growing acceptance of cannabis comes a whole new world. We’re stoked to be a part of it for reasons that go well beyond a buzz. 
It goes without saying that the medicinal explorations of the cannabis plant in its entirety are at the top of our list for excitement! After years of perfecting techniques and securing clean and consistent materials, we’ve reached the freedom to share the benefits of this plant with our loved ones, our pets and you! We are part of a movement that is open to more natural forms of healing and care, moving away from the grips of pharmaceutical companies. We are constantly learning firsthand from research and experimentation, not only in the medical community but from our professional peers working compassionately with cannabis.
The agricultural benefits are undeniable. From crops to textiles, the cannabis plant in all of its many forms help sustain farms, create jobs and allows people access to the plant’s nutritional and medicinal properties. Like any other plant, the growing methods practiced have a lot to do with the finished product. There is a certain buyer’s confidence when you know you’re getting a product that was grown with knowledge and care. Tell us again what the argument against this giant multipurpose crop with numerous beneficial properties from seed to flower is about?
Let’s talk about how society has begun to embrace cannabis and integrate it as part of a healthy lifestyle. It seems to have reminded people to ask their own health questions, the importance of knowing their own bodies and trusting their nature. Fashion has taken a fun front seat with stylish imagery moving from campy to classy, making it professionally more approachable. More and more it’s becoming widely acceptable to discuss your recreational cannabis use and demand more attention to it medically. 
In the blink of an eye, hemp has the ability to become the new cotton, cannabis our medicine of choice and this archaic prohibition over with. Put down your champagne flutes and raise your High Society Collection clips – here’s to our health!

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  1. hi…where can I find the article about cbd and cholesterol?

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