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Our Founder’s Fully Activated CBD Story

Welcome to Fully Activated!
We’re so glad you’re here and that you’ve chosen to trust us with your various CBD needs!  We want to share our personal story of our experience with CBD, how Fully Activated came to be, and why we believe our products are unmatched.
Our founder, Nick, has experienced chronic pain most of his life.  As he jumped from medical professional to medical professional searching for a solution to his pain, he was frequently misdiagnosed and found himself looking for something more.
After deciding to take his health into his own hands, he found CBD…
At the time, he was helping his mother with her dog rescues and noticed that several of these foster animals also had issues from skin infections to joint problems and emotional stress.  He began to take CBD for his own needs and started their foster pets on a regular regiment.  He quickly saw improvements in his own pain, as well as, the quality of life and improved conditions for their beloved furry friends. 
One of the largest issues he encountered was the consistency and quality of the CBD he found.  Motivated by his new found pain-remedy, he chose to move to Colorado to search for a solution & eventually grow his own high-quality CBD hemp plants and create his own products.
“I couldn’t accept how the majority of CBD companies were treating people and more importantly our pets!  I saw too many people and too many animals in situations where they needed love, genuine help and compassion… but instead we were being treated as sources of income by our doctors and vets.” – Nick, Fully Activated
After moving to Colorado, he realized how hard it was to truly find consistent, high-quality CBD hemp plants.  But, it didn’t take long for him to connect with his hemp-growing counterpart!  With a chemist background and a love for genetics, Nick knew this man was his chance to create something great to share with the world.  His partner offered a hemp farm approved by the state of Colorado and the magic began! 
As the farm grew, the two tested the CBD content of the plants and began crossbreeding the highest concentration plants with other high concentration plants to produce giant outdoor hemp plants with high volumes of CBD.  This genetic crossing has created the ‘proprietary blend’ of high-quality CBD that Fully Activated uses today!  While the evolution of these plants never stops, only the best strains with less than .3% THC are used.  The Colorado Department of Agriculture visits the farm regularly to test the plants, and they consistently pass with flying colors.  Typically, if the crop exceeds the <.3% THC then it is condemned and, sometimes, even burned to prevent distribution.  However, due to careful and attentive crossbreeding, the farm has never had to waste a crop! 
Once the hemp plants are mature, they are taken to processing and the products are all created within 20 miles of the farm.  The naturally grown, locally sourced hemp is used to create tinctures, salves, isolate, vape juice, dog treats, capsules, body balms, and more.  We’ve heard great feedback from happy customers and would love to give you the chance to experience a higher quality of life.  We’re happy to discuss our various products and answer any questions you may have regarding CBD and Fully Activated. 
Please reach out to us with specific questions or concerns.  We’d love to hear from you!

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