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      CBD for a Cause is our way of giving back to the communities we serve. Each month, Fully Activated will donate 100% of this product's sales to various causes that support pets and humans in need.

      Which organization will Fully Activated donate to?


      The National Canine Cancer Foundation funds are used for eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs through education, outreach and research. They also help save lives through prevention, finding cures, better treatments, more accurate cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer and diminishing dogs suffering from cancer.


      When will Fully Activated make a donation?

      At the end of each month, Fully Activated will donate an even split of the total sales generated from this product.

      How much is being donated?


      100% of the proceeds from our Travel Salve product will be donated in an even split to the organizations above.

      What else is fully activated doing for the community?


      Fully Activated has always been dedicated to the communities we serve. You can see a complete list of our community contributions here. We also offer assistance programs to ensure our products are accessible to everyone.