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Fully Activated’s CBD Rewards Program Explained

Interested in saving more cash on Fully Activated purchases?  Now is your chance! 
We recently launched our reward program that credits your account with points (benefit bucks).  Once you reach enough benefit bucks, you can redeem your bucks for store credit and product discounts.  It’s easy!  Start earning benefit bucks today by signing up and sharing Fully Activated with your friends!  Please Note:  YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO EARN AND REDEEM REWARDS THROUGH OUR PROGRAM! 

Click the orange Rewards icon on bottom left side of homepage. Sign up by clicking “Join Now”. You can earn more benefit bucks by clicking the rewards icon and scrolling to “Ways to Earn”

Make sure you’re logged in when you shop to earn more benefit bucks and check how many rewards you’ve earned!  You can view your current rewards and benefit buck progress by clicking “All Rewards”

If you’re logged in, you can earn more benefit bucks by clicking the rewards icon: 

Each dollar spent = 1 benefit buck

Share on social = 50 benefit bucks

Celebrate a birthday = 200 benefit bucks 

500 Benefit Bucks = $5 off

1000 Benefit Bucks = $10 off

2500 Benefit Bucks = $25 off 

On the rewards icon, scroll to see Your Rewards at the bottom and enter the promo code to save once you’ve earned at least 500 benefit bucks

Refer a friend with the link in your rewards login to earn more points!


Enjoy and happy shopping & sharing from Fully Activated CBD.

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Natural, High Quality CBD For My Pets and Me

Why wouldn’t you want to treat your pets as well as you treat yourself? At Fully Activated, we create yummy pet treats and tinctures for our furry friends and use the same standards as we do for our human products. This means that Buca Biscuits, our CBD dog treats, are organic & GMO-free, and each biscuit contains exactly the amount of CBD as stated.
Precision and quality control is very important to us. We only use the best ingredients from organic sources, and we create everything in small batches – each time. Other products may not be clear on where they are coming from or how they’re being made, the health of our pets and our customers is of utmost importance to us. Many real life experiences and several studies have proven that animals (most notably, dogs) can potentially experience similar benefits from CBD that humans feel.
Research on pets and the use of CBD is still new, but the evidence is extremely positive so far. As Gary Richter, DVM, says, “animals can benefit…for many of the same reasons it helps people – for pain, seizure control, gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety-related issues.”
We use CBD as a preventative daily treatment and on specific ailments for our petts and have for more than a decade. Since our pets have endocannabinoid systems, just like we do, it only makes sense.
For more details, we invite you to check out this interview with Dr. Richter:

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who we are

 Heres a little about who we are and why sharing plant medicine knowledge is so important to us. Big thanks to all who take a few minutes to read our little blog, hopefully you’ll take something away from it!
We’ll start with who we are:
After years of misdiagnoses and being over prescribed pharmaceuticals for phantom conditions, Nick decided to take control of his own health. Combining a gluten free diet with little to no processed sugars, replacing pharmaceuticals with plant medicine and regular physical activity, Nick was able to redirect his health and regain his quality of life.
With an engineering background it only made sense that he would start production of his own products to ensure quality, purity and cleanliness for his family, friends and himself. Shortly after Fully Activated began, Courtney, a long time friend from a similar industry joined Nick in Colorado to lend her skills and knowledge to the cause and the company. It didn’t take long before both Nick and Courtney realized they had found a true calling, not only in life, also in love.
 Now, we are a husband and wife team that together have almost 30 years experience in the marijuana industry ranging from cultivation to genetic development. We’ve merged our ideas of plant medicine and a preventative lifestyle to offer products that can be utilized daily by anyone in need, anywhere.