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who we are

 Heres a little about who we are and why sharing plant medicine knowledge is so important to us. Big thanks to all who take a few minutes to read our little blog, hopefully you’ll take something away from it!
We’ll start with who we are:
After years of misdiagnoses and being over prescribed pharmaceuticals for phantom conditions, Nick decided to take control of his own health. Combining a gluten free diet with little to no processed sugars, replacing pharmaceuticals with plant medicine and regular physical activity, Nick was able to redirect his health and regain his quality of life.
With an engineering background it only made sense that he would start production of his own products to ensure quality, purity and cleanliness for his family, friends and himself. Shortly after Fully Activated began, Courtney, a long time friend from a similar industry joined Nick in Colorado to lend her skills and knowledge to the cause and the company. It didn’t take long before both Nick and Courtney realized they had found a true calling, not only in life, also in love.
 Now, we are a husband and wife team that together have almost 30 years experience in the marijuana industry ranging from cultivation to genetic development. We’ve merged our ideas of plant medicine and a preventative lifestyle to offer products that can be utilized daily by anyone in need, anywhere. 

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  1. I recently joined the CBD Dogs Pet Cancer Site. I saw the referral to you. My beautiful dog Pumpkin was diagnosed with a tumor in her mouth. Melanoma. She had surgery to remove it, they said she didn’t have clean margins but CT scan showed it hadn’t spread. She began radiation last week. She seemed okay but she had vomit and had diarrhea early Thanksgiving morning. I’m desperate to find help. I keep hearing the CBD oils can be so helpful, so would you please get in touch with me. She currently weighs about 26 pounds. She is a corgie/cattle dog mix. Thank you for your attention. Blessings!

  2. Hey Nick, we bought the village emporium. We need your CBD’s

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