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      About Fully Activated CBD

      For the benefit of all beings.


      Our humble beginnings.

      I began investigating cannabidiol (CBD) and its potential health benefits for people and our beloved pets back in the early 2000's. At the time, there was hardly a market for CBD and it was certainly not a trending product. My CBD venture was not one that promised profitability and riches, it was simply an opportunity for me to take my health into my own hands, and ultimately help others on my journey toward healing.

      My passion for finding an affordable, alternative approach to sustainable came at the cost of severe chronic pain—something that ailed me for most of my life. After several misdiagnoses and a desperation to find relief, I empathized with others who had to deal with the same level of discomfort and mistreatment. An eye-opening experience working with my mother's dog rescue allowed me to see that, like many of us, dogs also needed relief from skin conditions, bone issues, joint problems, infections, cancer and emotional distress.

      I had to find an affordable, alternative approach to sustainable health once and for all, so I decided to move to Colorado and begin crafting my own line of CBD products.

      As soon as I moved to Colorado, I met a good friend who also happened to pioneer and breed one of the best CBD-rich hemp strains available. We both shared a similar vision: to make CBD more widely accessible, manufacture it in the best way possible, and help as many people and animals as we could. Using organic practices, CBD-rich hemp and safe extraction methods, we successfully made the best CBD oil product available. It was time to bring our CBD to market.

      The launch of Fully Activated was inspired by my late dog Buca, the namesake of our dog treat line and my greatest inspiration. Buca's daily regimen of CBD kept her at ease, and that feeling of comfort is ultimately why I decided to make CBD more widely accessible to all people and their animals. So, I upped our production, printed labels, and started spreading the word. Fully Activated was born.  

      Today, Fully Activated operates with the same “farm-to-lab” small-batch approach as we did when we first began. All of our products are crafted with Colorado-grown hemp CBD products, and our focus remains on educating and making quality CBD products accessible to every human and animal. If Buca could know just how many people and animals she's helped, she would be looking down and barking proudly!

      For the benefit of all beings.

      —Nick Russo | Founder & CEO